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Personal Insurance

auto and home insurance

Haugk Insurance Agency is striving each day to build strong client relationships based on mutual respect and trust. When you place your protection and security needs with our firm, we always have your best interest in mind.


Accidents happen. That’s why having the right coverage, not just the cheapest insurance, is so important. Get the best insurance coverage for you and your vehicles.


Your home is your most important asset, coverage against fire, theft and weather related claims gives you the peace of mind to know you are properly protected.


Condo bi-laws require tailored, client specific policies. Proper coverage provides seamless protection between the association and the unit owners.

Umbrella Liability

Good risk management is to always make sure your liability insurance exceeds your net worth. Do you know your liability limit? Are you properly covered? If not, we can help!


Playing with your toys is always fun, but protecting those toys is a necessity. Extending coverage over your prized possessions; like Boats, RV’s, Campers and Motorcycles can be done without breaking the bank.